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24 Sep 2010

1st year Fantasy Player Confusion - Bench my Studs due to match-ups?

Hey guys, I'm a first year player and could use some advice. I am playing the #1 team in my league this week (and I'm sitting in 2nd place) so I need to make good decisions . . . problem is I don't like my match-ups for my top guys. Here's what I have. Scoring is NO PPR. 6pts for TDs and 1 pt per 20yrds.

RBs (Start 2):
Mendenhall @ TB - TB D is looking good (they held Car) and with Batch as QB, they will be stacking 8 or 9 in the box expecting the run.
Forte home vs. GB - worried about GB D and I don't get PPR in my league - I need TDs.
R. Brown home vs. NYJ - NYJ D is really good vs. the run
McFadden @ Arizona - I like this match-up, but still don't trust McFadden especially if Bush is back.

WRs (I've got lot's) - Start 3:
NYG Smith home vs. TENN - TENN is #1 against the pass and Smith is struggling
Ward @ TB - Batch is QB so I don't like Ward's chances
Maclin @ Jacksonville - I think this is my only sure thing
Knox home vs. GB - GB D is really good, although they may be forced to pass alot if they fall behind and Knox might get some opportunties - but it is a risky match-up.
Breaston home vs. OAK - I like this match-up, but don't trust Anderson throwing
Naanee @ Sea - Match-up is OK, but I don't trust Naanee to get the targets yet. Also I have Gates as my TE.

Thanks for your opinions! I gotta get the W this week and move into 1st place!

Posted by: kjo1080 on 24 Sep 2010

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Re: 1st year Fantasy Player Confusion - Bench my Studs due to
by rdy4thefiesta :: Fri, 09/24/2010 - 11:29am

For RBs, I'd go with Mendenhall and McFadden if Bush is out, and Mendenhall and Forte if not. I like Forte, but a lot of his points have come from receiving touchdowns, which he's unlikely to continue to get at this pace. I'd rather play McFadden against a seemingly weak defense so long as he's getting all the carries. Bush playing can muddle that picture so if he goes I'd play Forte.

For WRs I'd go Maclin, Smith, and Knox. Maclin is a good player with a decent matchup so he's good. I wouldn't by the whole "Tennessee is #1 against the pass" thing. They've played the Raiders and Steelers, probably two of the worst passing teams in the league (until Big Ben is back). Smith should provide solid production. I think the last slot is a tossup between Knox and Ward, but I'd roll the dice with Knox because he has a competant QB throwing to him. I also don't think GB's secondary is great outside of Woodson, and I doubt Woodson follows Knox all over the field.

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