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18 Sep 2009

2 of 4 WRs out of...

I'm in a bit of a weird league, 12 deep, 2 starting WRs (non-PPR), no flexes, QBs get 6 points for a passing TD. Other weird things: no DST or K penalties for misses or general sucking. Plus it's a semi-keeper league (keep 1-3), and I took over some dude's team with Stephen Jackson on it. It's a weird league.

Anyhow, I'm having a hard time figuring out which WRs to start and which to bench out of the following:

1. Vincent Jackson vs. BAL
2. Eddie Royal vs. CLE
3. Lee Evans vs. TB
4. Santana Moss vs. STL

I love all of the matchups except BAL against that banged-up San Diego O line, but don't want to get cute with benching my number one WR in Vincent Jackson. I did last week due to the Asomugha factor, and squeaked by with a 75 point win. That will not work this week. I'm probably going to start him and hope for a TD.

Also Eddie Royal gave nothing against a Bengals pass D that isn't exactly known for stopping possession/no. 2 WRs. I liked him out of the draft because of Orton's magical ability to check down to the short pass. I'm hoping the horrible week 1 can be chalked up to Orton's finger problem, but I'm tempted even this early in the season to ditch Royal in favor of Kenny Britt off the waiver wire (astonishingly still available). He will not be starting this week unless I run into a very convincing argument.

Lee Evans gave me what I expected last week against the Pats, who are clearly too smart to overcover Owens and leave Evans alone deep. Against Tampa, though, I don't know. Those Dallas deep passes last week are tempting to jump to conclusions about, but the Bills line is no Cowboys line, and Trent Edwards is no Tony Romo.

Santana Moss showed that either the Giants' D line and Corey Webster are ridiculously good or the Redskins offense is still sputtertastic (probably a mix of both). Against the Rams (and Lions next week) he looks like a great idea, though.

I started Royal and Moss last week. It's like my winner league team is my loser league. Clearly I need to post something somewhere and listen to the advice of strangers.

Posted by: tomdrees on 18 Sep 2009

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Re: 2 of 4 WRs out of...
by Zheng :: Fri, 09/18/2009 - 11:44pm

I'd guess VJax and Evans, as their teams are more likely to have to pass. But I may have no idea what I'm talking about. Not only am I a total stranger, for all you know, I'm a bot that randomly generates answers.

Re: 2 of 4 WRs out of...
by tomdrees :: Sun, 09/20/2009 - 11:46am

You are at least an honest bot. Thank you for being so forthcoming.

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