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22 Nov 2009

2 questions: Jones-Slaton-Betts and SD-Phi

Standard Yahoo scoring, no PPR for RBs.

T Jones vs. New England
Fumblesaurus Rex vs. resurging Tennessee
L Betts vs. Dallas

I'm leaning towards Jones even though this is a grudge match for NE and they have also been pretty good against the run lately. I'm afraid of Slaton getting yanked after another 1st quarter fumble, and I'm not sure of Dallas's run defense to know if it's worth taking a chance on Betts.

Also, I've got to choose between two potential monster games for my Defensive teams. I actually keep both on the roster and have been playing the best of the matchups each week - it's worked out well for me so far. So this week:
San Diego against Chris Simms (Denver)
Philadelphia against the Interceptorsaurus (Chicago)
Philly has more points overall, and this is a week I'd normally start them, but with the injury to Orton I'm leaning toward SD.

I appreciate your thoughts.

Posted by: Wooba Gooba on 22 Nov 2009

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Re: 2 questions: Jones-Slaton-Betts and SD-Phi
by Wooba Gooba :: Sun, 11/22/2009 - 11:48am

Wooba Gooba

I should have pointed out I need only 1 of the 3 RBs - I also have (and have played) Deangelo Williams this past Thursday.

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