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01 May 2011

2011 Draft overreaction thread

So how does everyone feel about their favorite team's draft?

I'm pretty happy with what the Bears accomplished. I felt offensive line, secondary, and defensive line were the biggest needs (in that order), and the team addressed those 3 areas in the first 3 rounds. I am concerned with Christopher Conte as he seemed to have a 7th round grade from most sources. Still, if the Bears hit with their first two picks and 2 younger guys on the team develop (like Zach Bowman learns how to tackle), this team could get really good.

Posted by: tuluse on 01 May 2011

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Re: 2011 Draft overreaction thread
by Sifter :: Mon, 05/09/2011 - 6:48pm

Allow me to react too. I think the Eagles did pretty well overall. According to my rankings we perhaps reached a little on some of the picks, but I think the reasoning behind them is quite good.

OG Danny Watkins got criticism for his age but I don't really care, not many players are 10 year guys anyway these days. He should finally solve that hole at RG that was alternately filled by Nick Cole and Max Jean-Gilles with limited success.

2nd rounder was probably my least favourite: S-Jaiquan Jarrett, not because I think he'll be a bad player, but because with his pick I knew that meant Quentin Mikell would be let go. Mikell was one of our top 3 defenders last season and I think he's still got a lot to offer.

3rd rounder was CB Curtis Marsh - a guy who's only played CB for 2 seasons, but has great physical skills. He's another project corner Andy's taken in the mid rounds (think Matt Ware (3rd rd 2004), Rashard Barksdale (6th rd 2007) and more recently, injury risks Trevard Lindley (4th rd 2010) & Jake Ikegwuonu (4th rd 2008)). Not great returns on those gambles thus far, although Lindley started to look decent toward the end of last season. How Marsh goes is neither here nor there at this stage, it's the intent of the pick that's important. Eagles need help at CB NOW, not another project. That tells me that Andy will be buying a FA CB to start opposite Asante, leaving Joselio Hanson in the slot (only place he's good), and a couple of young guys in Marsh and Lindley to develop for the long term.

First 4th rounder was Casey Matthews, most likely a WLB candidate to replace Ernie Sims. Eagles badly need to find an every down LB as the current LBs seem one dimensional ie. Stewart Bradley and Jamar Chaney are big bodies that are decent stopping the run, but are exposed in coverage. Then you've got a nickel LB like Keenan Clayton who can get run on. Anyway, we'll see what Matthews has got - he's got a good chance at getting a lot of on-field time.

The other 4th rounder was kicker Alex Henery, basically a big middle finger to David Akers for not accepting the Eagles contract offer.

5th rounders and up I don't really worry too much about, but it was good to see another RB taken for depth, another small Pitt RB, Dion Lewis. It was also interesting to see Andy take 2 smaller OL: a 280lb C Jason Kelce and an OG Julian Vandervelde. Perhaps a change of the usual Eagles tactics of taking huge OLmen of the past.

Re: 2011 Draft overreaction thread
by tuluse :: Tue, 05/10/2011 - 2:57pm

My concern about Watkins age is not about career length-I agree with you that it shouldn't effect the team much anyways-but the fact that he was basically playing against college player while in his prime playing years. Wouldn't you expect a 26 year old NFL guard to be throwing around 18 year olds? I suspect he'll have a low ceiling, and if he isn't good soon he never will be.

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