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19 Aug 2010

Aaron Rodgers in a Keeper League?

I'm in a weird league where you can have up to two keepers per year, but they take your 1st round and then 2nd round pick if you keep 1 or 2. You can only keep a player once, then they go back into the draft pool.

This year, I'm drafting 6th out of 10 teams. The guy drafting 10/11 will be keeping (I'm assuming) C Johnson and Gore. The guy drafting 8 will keep AP. The other possible keeps are Rice at 2, Turner at 5, Brees at 7, and A Johnson at 9. MJD and SJax were both kept last year, so they are available.

If all the keepers play out above, the top 5 players based on ESPN ADP would be:

S Jackson
A Rodgers
R Moss
D Williams

I would be drafting 4th (two keepers ahead of me) then 8th (five keepers behind me).

1) I have no idea who is keeping who at this point, it's all assumption based.
2) Deadline to declare is today.
3) I have not bought Kubiak yet, I was planning on buying it this weekend for my drafts the following two weeks. Didn't consider Rodgers a keeper until I started to look over the rosters from last year.

I could also keep R Moss as well, just wasn't sure about him either - and I hate not drafting my RB1 in the first round, let alone the second.

The scoring for the league is as follows:

Passing Yards - 1 Point/40 yards
Passing TD - 6
Int - -3
Sacks - -1
Rushing/Reception Yards - 1 Point/15 yards
Rushing/Reception TD - 6
Fumbles - -1
Lost Fumbles - -1

Any ideas?

Posted by: shmup-o on 19 Aug 2010

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