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12 Sep 2009

Addai and Derrick Mason for Felix Jones?

My league counts return yards and TDs the same as rushing and receiving yards: 10 yards per point, 6 points for TD. Addai and Mason are my backups, and I know for sure I there are better WRs available in the FA pool (Andre' Davis, for one). The question is, should I really buy the FO projection for Felix Jones? The KUBIAK spreadsheet has him the #6 player in the NFL, projecting 102 rushing points, 62 receiving points, and 93 return points.

Posted by: jamesnewburg on 12 Sep 2009

1 reply , Last at 15 Sep 2009, 9:28pm by Red Hedgehog

Re: Addai and Derrick Mason for Felix Jones?
by Red Hedgehog :: Tue, 09/15/2009 - 9:28pm

KUBIAK projects him for more carries and catches than I think is reasonable, but at a point per 10 return yards, I think his return points are reasonable. I'd shave about 20 points off his total and see if that's still worth it to you. Mason and Addai are good backups, but if you really need to improve your starting RBs it could be worth it.

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