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30 Sep 2009

Analyzing the Tyler Thigpen Trade

I personally raved about Thigpen since last year. He was on my fantasy team and did well for a few weeks- even helping the ex-Bear Mark Braldey get some fantasy headway. When the Chiefs got Cassel I thought it was dumb because the Chiefs already had a young good QB- Thigpen. Then when news broke that Thigpen- who for some reason was 3rd on the Chiefs depth chart- got traded to Miami, I thought Miami was getting a steal. But then I looked at Thigpen's numbers from last year.

Tyler Thigpen was 27th in passer rating, 24th in YPG, 29th in YPA, and 30th in completion percentage. For some reason after "watching" Thigpen play I thought he was good, but stats don't lie. So a friend told me to look even further, that I should "trust my eye", and that the Chiefs O-line and receivers were awful last year. So I'm going to do that and compare what he did last to what Miami did last year/ have done so far this year to see how Thigpen will fare in Miami; to see if my instinct before looking up his numbers was right, or if the numbers won't lie.

To find out more about the Thigpen trade, go to:

Posted by: kaptrap19 on 30 Sep 2009

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Re: Analyzing the Tyler Thigpen Trade
by mattb625 :: Thu, 10/01/2009 - 6:30am

I agree, after watching Thigpen play I would have thought his numbers be a little bit better. The trade seems to be unfortunate for Thigpen, because he'll probably be #3 on the depth chart for MIA behind Henne and White. I'd really like to see a team in need of a QB trade for him and see if he can be a productive starter.

Free Thigpen?
by Snowglare :: Sun, 10/04/2009 - 1:31am

I don't think Thigpen's good enough to be a starting QB in the NFL, and the most desperate teams tend to be firmly tied to "their guy," so I doubt he'll get much of a chance.

That said, we haven't seen the last of him. It appears the Dolphins are interested in his speed and versatility as much as his QB credentials.

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