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20 Nov 2013

Andre Brown, Ryan Mathews for Dez Bryant, Jon Stewart

Would you trade Andre Brown and Ryan Mathews for Dez Bryant and Jon Stewart.

It's a standard league and my team currently looks like

QB RG3/Tom Brady / Aaron Rodgers
RB Matt Forte
RB Andre Brown
WR Calvin Johnson
WR Jordy Nelson
Flex Pierre Thomas / Ryan Mathews / Rainey
TE Julius Thomas

Essentially I would be trading Andre Brown for Dez Bryant. Dez would take the flex spot Pierre or Rainey would replace Andre Brown. Thinking its a good trade based on upcoming stregnth of schedule in playoffs as I'm in 2nd now and likely to lock up a bye week. I'm hesitant to give up a RB for a WR and I hear Dez potentially is hurt.

Posted by: sanderson23 on 20 Nov 2013

2 replies , Last at 21 Nov 2013, 3:02pm by Red Hedgehog

Re: Andre Brown, Ryan Mathews for Dez Bryant, Jon Stewart
by SethMichael (not verified) :: Thu, 11/21/2013 - 1:31pm

I would do this trade. I think Dez is better than Andre Brown. Last week we saw the giants like to use Jacobs at the goal line and Dez will be fine the rest of the year. Rainey also looks like a good option at RB ROS.

Re: Andre Brown, Ryan Mathews for Dez Bryant, Jon Stewart
by Red Hedgehog :: Thu, 11/21/2013 - 3:02pm

I guess it depends on when your fantasy playoffs are. Assuming they are the standard weeks 14, 15, and 16 then Andre Brown really only has a good matchup in week 14 although neither Thomas nor Rainey have a good matchup that week either (Jon Stewart has a decent matchup then, but with his low usage I don't necessarily think that makes him a good play). Dez gets a great matchup in week 15 and a decent one in week 16.

So if you can get a bye for week 14, I'd say definitely do it. Pierre Thomas has a good matchup week 15 and Rainey has a good one week 16 and Dez can be your flex both weeks.

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