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22 Sep 2011

Arian Foster value

I have a trade offer AF/Frank Gore for my Steven Jackson/Cam Newton who I just picked up before week 2. I have Ryan Matthews, James Starks, Rodgers on my team. I am not sure the mid-season values for AF, SJax, and Gore, but he said he only wanted to trade this week when Newton faces Jacksonville. Please tell me the relative values for AF versus Sjax versus Gore. Thanks.

Posted by: donngo on 22 Sep 2011

1 reply , Last at 23 Sep 2011, 6:25am by Sifter

Re: Arian Foster value
by Sifter :: Fri, 09/23/2011 - 6:25am

Gore and Jackson seemed to be drafted around the same time in most leagues, but KUBIAK had Jackson rated higher at preseason - not sure on the adjustments, but Gore hasn't done anything apart from plow into the pile for 2 yards constantly, while Jackson's been injured.

Honestly all 4 players involved are gambles: Foster might get into a timeshare if Tate does well, Gore hasn't played 16 games for a while and the SF running game looks lame thus far, Jackson played 16 games last year for one of the few times in his career but he's down with injury already and Newton may not be all he seems.

I would probably take Foster and Gore for Jackson and Newton, mostly because: 1) Newton's value might burst as teams plan for him better, and 2) you already have Rodgers so Newton isn't so valuable to you.

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