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19 Aug 2013

best way to use KUBIAK in traditional snaking draft

what's the best way to use this KUBIAK once I plug in our league settings?

I know there's more to it than merely drafting what the list order is.

What's your way to use it?

Posted by: trekkie4life on 19 Aug 2013

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Re: best way to use KUBIAK in traditional snaking draft
by BritPop :: Mon, 08/19/2013 - 9:29am

My advice is to look closely at the ESPN or ADP delta; flag players who are undervalued and use them to guide your draft strategy. So if you know you can grab Steve Smith WR2 in the 7th and Steve Johnson WR3 in the 9th, you might feel more comfortable loading up on RBs or reaching for a TE in earlier rounds. Also, I tend to "reach" a lot more when I am happy with what is available in future rounds.

There isnt really an obvious "guy to avoid" this year.

Re: best way to use KUBIAK in traditional snaking draft
by Sifter :: Mon, 08/19/2013 - 7:33pm

Yes, don't reach for the KUBIAK specials too early. Let them slide a little more towards their average draft spot. Steve Smith and Stevie Johnson are good examples, for RBs it might be Ridley, David Wilson or Ryan Mathews where you can probably take them a round after KUBIAK recommends. Two rounds if you feel like gambling...I think my general rule of thumb is to sort my player list by average draft position, look who the top 10-20 are on the board at the current pick and then choose KUBIAK's best from those 10-20.

Try and do a few mock drafts as well, at yahoo or espn is pretty easy as there are always lots. That'll get you a better feel of how long you can wait to pick certain players and where the runs on certain positions might begin and end. eg. In some drafts, the 2nd tier QBs or TEs start going earlier than usual. Easy to panic in that situation if you feel you needed one. Mock drafts help you sort out what you'll do in that circumstance.

Re: best way to use KUBIAK in traditional snaking draft
by trekkie4life :: Thu, 08/22/2013 - 6:33am

great advice, thanks bmurphyuk & Sifter!

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