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25 May 2011

Bills Defense

So I realize that nobody really checks the forums anymore, but I hope somebody with some knowledge of this knows something that will correct my confusion.

So I'm pretty sure that last offseason, the Bills decided to make a move towards a 3-4 alignment, even though there wasn't really anybody on their roster that fit the scheme. And then I seem to think that they scraped those plans during the season and moved back to a 4-3, and that's what they are working on implementing this offseason (whenever they can, as the lockout is obviously still in effect). However, every so often I'll read something about how the defense is looking for a rush 'backer, or a nose tackle for their 3-4.

I was wondering if anybody knows what defense the Bills are planning on running once the lockout is off, and if they have any articles that I could read.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by: Drunkmonkey on 25 May 2011

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Re: Bills Defense
by trill :: Fri, 07/01/2011 - 2:41pm

During the season I think they ran a lot of different fronts; they didn't really have the personnel to do anything effectively. Kyle Williams filled the NT role quite ably; the main weaknesses were at DE and OLB, and I believe the secondary was kinda banged up to boot. Fewell was underappreciated for his work with the secondary in '09, and I dunno if the current DC knows how to do more with less the way Fewell did.

They're sticking with the 3-4 in '11 from what I've heard. I really liked their draft, top to bottom, though they probably didn't acquire an OT who'll compete for a starting job. They did, however, get a bunch of really nice defensive prospects. Dareus, obvs, will fill one of the holes at 5-tech. It's a shame they can't split him into two players as 1/2 Dareus > any other DE on their roster. Kelvin Sheppard is a damn thumper at ILB, which will hopefully allow Posluszny to play a full season. Justin Rogers (CB, Richmond) and Aaron Williams (DB, Texas) are other guys who can compete for significant playing time from day one.

Overall they're still building a talent base on both sides of the ball after years of poor drafting and losing their better players to free agency. Gailey has proven that he can cobble together a productive offense out of duct tape and Ivy League grads, now he's gotta show he can draft and develop on defense.

Re: Bills Defense
by T. Romo :: Sun, 10/02/2011 - 1:57am

They still need to shore up the defense. They are opportunistic but too porous. The offense Is full of underrated playmakers and led by The Amish Rifle who gets the ball out of his hands no matter what (something Buffalo Qb's have not, for some reason, been able to do for years).

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