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16 Jul 2009

A bit disappointed...

Let me start by saying that I love the FO research, site and books. I come to the site daily and have bought the book the last 4 years. That being said, I am a bit disappointed with a few parts of the 2009 FO Almanac.

What happened to the extra small articles after team chapters? Last year had great articles including:
"Breather Effect" (Michael Turner)
Hester's effect on the Kicking Game
Curse of 370 (Kevin Smith)
Improbablility of the Giants Championship
Adding a Rookie Defensive Tackle (Raiders not taking Glenn Dorsey)
Win Expectancy after a Hot Start
Do Head Coaches Have an Age Limit (Joe Gibbs)

That's 7 GREAT articles in last years book that we don't have in the 2009 edition. (I don't have the other books on hand, but I do recall that these type of articles were in previous editions.) Plus there are only 6 articles in the further research section, compared with 9 from last year. That's a lot of new, exciting research (that no one else thinks of) that is missing this year.

Not only that, but I would have expected some of the analysis in those articles to be used in the 2009 book, but there was almost no mention of any of this research (except curse of 370).

On that same note, I would have loved if you combined some of your previous
research, like the Size Matters article by Rob Pitzer (2008) with the Playmaker score introduced this year. Maybe we could analyze Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt (with fringe Playmaker scores around 9.2) together with their Size Score to see if they have similarities to other stars or busts. Or even just reprinting the same Size Score box as last year but add the Rookie WR class (top 2 rounds).

In general, I love the Almanac and its in depth analysis of every team. Maybe you did this research and put it online or something, but I felt the 2009 version was lacking.

Posted by: natanedelman on 16 Jul 2009

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Re: A bit disappointed...
by Bill Barnwell :: Thu, 07/16/2009 - 4:46pm

In lieu of having longer essays this year, there's shorter bits of research in team chapters and player comments. That's a space issue because of the added college football content -- we didn't want to put out a 600+ page book. There's still plenty of research into topics in a fair amount of the chapters -- take Green Bay's chapter, for example, which looks at the likelihood of teams to win close games on a year-to-year basis, the reliability of defensive touchdowns from year-to-year, and how teams do when shifting from the 3-4 to the 4-3.

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