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06 Aug 2009

Bizarre League Formats - Draft Advice Thread

I don't know if any of you are participating in any "unusual" leagues this year, but here's mine. It's mostly conventional, really, 1QB-2RB-2WR-1RB/WR-1TE-1D-1K, non-PPR. Except:

- there are 14 owners
- defenses score a LOT of points.

In fact, KUBIAK here is projecting the Bears D to be the #1 scoring "player" for 2009. And with 14 players, I'd expect QBs and Ds to be in very short supply. But because KUBIAK sorts according to points over baseline, QB rankings are still pretty ordinary, and the Bears are ranked 57th. So...when draft day rolls around, what do I do? Do I stick with these rankings, or should I reach a little for QBs and Ds? Any advice would be appreciated.

Posted by: Zheng on 06 Aug 2009

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