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01 Oct 2009

Brady Quinn

Like the Football Outsiders statistics, I believe that Brady Quinn will be a successful starting QB. I think any reasonable person would admit the the situation in Cleveland is so horrible that it would be unlikely for any quarterback to do well. I think he needs a fresh start with another team (probably after this season), so does anyone have any ideas of possible landing spots? One team I think would be great for him would be the Vikings. Once the Favre Experiment concludes, they could have BQ ready to be the starting QB. They probably would not have to give up much to get Quinn. Additionally, a first rd. pick would not need to be used to select a "QB of the Future".

Posted by: mattb625 on 01 Oct 2009

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Re: Brady Quinn
by bolanos :: Fri, 10/02/2009 - 12:32am

Mangini might be the most hated NFL coach at this point in the season and I think all can agree the Browns chances of having a winning season are slim. Looking to the future - furthering the competition between Quinn and Anderson will make both of them better QBs. People forget that going into last season Derek Anderson was ranked a top 10 QB.

Brady taking a break for a few games and seeing the vet go out there will burn that competitive fire inside and I would be shocked if we do not see Brady Quinn starting games later this season.

Re: Brady Quinn
by mattb625 :: Fri, 10/02/2009 - 6:39am

I would be shocked if there was a DA vs. Brady competition next summer.

Re: Brady Quinn
by Phil O'sopher (not verified) :: Wed, 12/02/2009 - 1:11pm

DA is horrid and Quinn is looking worse than him.

DA had a monsterous half a year, then game film on him was available and he tanked. Quinn has been just awful in 2009.

The chances of him being anything but a 3rd stringer anywhere are remote. Could he somehow go somehwere that isn't the Cleveland Steamer type disaster and be decent. Wackier things have happened in the world, but I'm not putting my money on it.

Re: Brady Quinn
by Sifter :: Wed, 12/02/2009 - 3:51pm

At least for Brady Quinn he's got the ex-1st rounder tag, which means he's bound to be picked up somewhere by a coach who fancies himself to turn his career around a la David Carr, Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich etc etc. In fact he probably can't wait to get the hell out of Cleveland. Anderson? Meh not so much hope for him, his year will be seen as a fluke and he'll end up a 3rd stringer for the Raiders or Rams, someone like that.

Re: Brady Quinn
by Pitt-skee (not verified) :: Thu, 12/31/2009 - 2:08am

I think Brady Quinn needs to be given the keys to the retard bus, told where to drive it to and a good route to get him there. Let him throw three hundred picks if that's what he does with it, and in the end you'll either have another Peyton Manning or another Brown's QB? But no matter what, play him the whole season, see everything he has to offer, we've seen plenty DA to never want to again, live by your decision and quit being a pussy-footer about it or get rid of him and do the same thing with any other any-rounder. BUT FOR ONCE, SEE IT LIKE IT REALLY IS AND REALIZE, YOU CAN'T EXPECT TO CLIMB A MOUNTAIN WITHOUT WALKING UPHILL.

Re: Brady Quinn
by Phil Osopher :: Fri, 02/05/2010 - 12:19pm

Brady will be in Browns uniform as he is getting back-up money and is young and still has some potential.

DA will be cut as he is due $9M next year. uncapped year, so cap hit is meaningless.

Now, who is available that can actaully step in and wins ome games as a veteran QB? Not many out there. who in the draft can step in and be a good QB and win some games? not likely any out there either. Browns are screwed unless they make a trade.

Philly has McNabb and Kolb, Seattle has Hasselcrack, Oakland has Charlie Frye (lol, but he may come back, Holmgren did trade for him before for a 5th rounder....lol or 6th I don't remember), Chad Pennington, Sexy Rexy, Troy Smith all could be available too.

Ironic if Troy Smith came to CLE, and took Quinns starting job. After all the yammering to draft him and then the browns having ample opportunity to draft him and him going to old Browns, then coming here and starting would be unexpected outcome.

I am not sure Troy is starting quality, but its looking clear that Quinn isn't either. I still have some small hope for Quinn, but he played so poorly this year, that its hard to imagine him jumping levels to be a true strater

Browns QB? a giant unknown for 2010

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