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10 Jan 2014

Can Stats be used too much in a debate?

I'm trying to determine Greg Olsen's true skill level at tight end, and according to DYAR and DVOA he does not appear to have all-pro potential.
So…..I look at Anquan Boldin's stats for 2012 and he looks average. But in reality, he was so much more than average. Is it correct to say that no statistic can REALLY confirm a players true skill level? Beyond a reasonable doubt? I ask this because some bloggers are so entrenched stats, and will not entertain any other arguments at times. At times it turns into an excuse to talk down to what I consider to be potentially valid arguments. I love this site and the statistics it provides, don't get me wrong, but is it innapropriate to once in a while go with the old "eyeball test"?
A penny for your honest thoughts on this issue,

Posted by: 49erFaithful1976 on 10 Jan 2014

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