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01 Oct 2009

Colston and Jacobs for Brees and Walter?

Not sure what to do with this trade, and I'd appreciate some advice. This is a regular Yahoo league points-wise (no points per reception), 1 QB, 3 WRs and 2 RBs with an extra flex spot for WR/RB/TE.

My QB is currently Roethlisberger who has been somewhat underwhelming, Trent Edwards is his backup (ugh).
WRs: Colston, Ochocinco, Burleson, Bowe, Anthony Gonzalez
RBs: Steven Jackson, Brandon Jacobs, Cedric Benson, Julius Jones

Because I can potentially start 3 RBs or 4 WRs, I'm a little hesitant about giving up both a very good WR and a very good RB for one awesome QB and a potentially good WR. On the other hand, Brandon Jacobs hasn't been that great this year and Ahmad Bradshaw has been looking really good. I'd rather trade away Roethlisberger but he's not interested.

Any thoughts?

Posted by: jfsh on 01 Oct 2009

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Re: Colston and Jacobs for Brees and Walter?
by Fontes of Wayne :: Thu, 10/01/2009 - 2:25pm

In the regular Yahoo league I'm in, Roethlisberger is the #6 QB, which I wouldn't characterize as underwhelming (incidentally, if you're not required to have a backup QB on your roster, you might as well just drop Edwards - he'll still be available during Pittsburgh's bye week). Jacobs hasn't been great, and I think your concerns about Bradshaw are justified.
The way I see this, your gain in going from Big Ben to Brees is, at best, a little bigger than the drop from Colston to Walter. If you were just swapping QBs and WRs, I'd say it's a challenge trade and do what you like, but in this case, you're shipping off Jacobs to make this switch. Unless you can set up a second deal where you move Roethlisberger for value, I don't think it's a good trade for you.

Re: Colston and Jacobs for Brees and Walter?
by jfsh :: Thu, 10/01/2009 - 2:49pm

Thanks for the comments - they sound pretty much spot-on to me. I guess Big Ben has been better than I realized; I just get a little starry-eyed thinking about Brees' occasional 47-touchdown Sundays.

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