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16 Sep 2010

Crabtree dropped to WW ?

Standard flex, 6 pts all TDs, No PPR, start 3 receivers out of 5, can play a 4th WR at flex if needed

Currently have:
1. R White
2. M Austin
3. S Moss
4. J Knox
5. Jacoby Jones

M Crabtree was dropped to WW today. I like J Jones as a sleeper and Crabtree/A Smith have a lot of issues thus far. Should I take a chance on Crabtree and get rid of J Jones or S Moss or Knox? Thanks for any input.

Posted by: fantasy1123 on 16 Sep 2010

2 replies , Last at 16 Sep 2010, 11:09pm by fantasy1123

Re: Crabtree dropped to WW ?
by lang55 :: Thu, 09/16/2010 - 5:05pm

Crabtree showing up on the waiver wire is like Christmas. Some people overreact to week 1, it seems. I like him better than Knox and Jones, and even a little better than Moss. The upside for Jones is great and decent for Knox. But, go and get Crabtree. Alex Smith will not look great this year but should be serviceable and better than last week most of the time.

Re: Crabtree dropped to WW ?
by fantasy1123 :: Thu, 09/16/2010 - 11:09pm

Thanks for the input. Dropped Jacoby for Crabtree. Not the best matchup this week and we have to start any WW pickup we get or take a penalty. Should be fine with starting lineup of P Rivers, Chris Johnson, A Foster, J Stewart (Flex), M Austin, R White, Crabtree, Celek, Bironas, and Saints DST.

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