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12 Aug 2011


Not that I have an opinion either way, but the big surprise in the projections to me seems to be DW in CAR. Any opinions out there about why KUBIAK hates him so much? I'm getting a delta over -100 with pretty standard scoring. Its so wildly different I wonder what KUBIAK sees that no one else does. I suppose the player sections in FOA2011 will shed some light.

(Didn't want to discuss specific numbers, but thought it was an interesting question to bring up.)

EDIT: Of course, can't forget the compulsory thanks to FO for getting this done so quickly under truly insane conditions. Thanks!

Posted by: ktismael on 12 Aug 2011

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Re: DeAngelowball
by finney1964 :: Fri, 08/12/2011 - 8:31am

With J-Stew and D-Willy in RBBC backfield and their similar styles, hard to say who will get the ball in any particular circumstance, except when one of them gets hurt. J-Stew is the younger back so maybe a little more love is being given to him. Carolina did the right thing by keeping both of them - it will probably help prolong both their careers.

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