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18 Nov 2010

Defense & Upcoming Schedule

What are some defenses you guys believe have a good upcoming schedule fantasy wise?

I currently have the Chargers. Here are the defenses that are available in my league.


Posted by: Cloqwerq on 18 Nov 2010

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Re: Defense & Upcoming Schedule
by katlin :: Fri, 12/17/2010 - 1:10am

Sal Alosi is the head strength and conditioning coach for the New York Jets. After he was caught tripping a person on video Sunday, the question wasn't whether Alosi's salary would suffer, it was by how much. A Miami Dolphins special teams player sprinting down the sideline was tripped by the NY Jets power and conditioning coach. The event resulted in a fine and suspension that will take a significant chunk out of Sal Alosi's income.

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