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22 Aug 2012

Denarius Moore

Seriously struggling with his continued ranking. I wont mention who he is ranked above but seriously could some explain? The dude has not practiced or even seen the field. Is there some secret magic that Kubiak knows about a hamstring inj suffered in June that is still keeping a guy out = fantasy gold?

Sorry I rambled but seriously?


Posted by: t2green2 on 22 Aug 2012

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Re: Denarius Moore
by nkowal :: Wed, 08/22/2012 - 9:36pm

He was pretty good when he saw the field as a rookie last year with a QB who had not played in a year and without training camp. As a starter over 16 games his talent means he could put up some big numbers.

However... he's a big injury risk. I love the guy's talent - I was very high on him coming into this year, but you have to knock him down from that ranking if you're risk adverse.

It's important to keep in mind KUBIAK is not a straight ranking system, but rather projections to help you adjust to overvalued/undervalued players, projections translating into points, etc.

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