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12 Aug 2011

Denver 2011 Rushing Total

If I add up Knowshon, McGahee, and Lance Ball (and also WRs and Orton), I get a total of ~1700 rushing yards this season for the Broncos. They had ~1550 last season. The Panthers had 1850 last season under Fox. It looks like you are splitting the difference. But that doesn't seem to account for the fact that overall the Broncos had more yardage last year (and are a much better team offensively than the Panthers were last year).

2010 yards
Denver - 5600 overall, 1550 rushing (28%)
Carolina - 4150 overall, 1850 rushing (45%)

If Denver gets the same yards as last season, but rushes 45% of the time, then total rushing yards are 45% x 5600 = 2500 rushing yards.

I am not saying that's happening (DWill + JStew > Know + McG, Orton > Clausen/Moore, etc.), but I do think 1700 rushing yards seems pretty low with John Fox at the helm.

Isn't 1900-2000 total rushing yards more likely?

Posted by: fb29 on 12 Aug 2011

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Re: Denver 2011 Rushing Total
by rohligsc :: Fri, 08/12/2011 - 10:59pm

Your math makes no sense. You can't just assume that a team that produces 5600 overall yards one year while throwing 72% of the time will have the same amount of total yards under a coach who runs 45% of the time.

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