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19 Aug 2010

DeSean Jackson/Fred Jackson for Hines Ward/Mike Wallace/Arian Foster

I recieve:
Hines Ward
Mike Wallace
Arian Foster
Muhammed Massequoi

I give:
DeSean Jackson
Fred Jackson
Donnie Avery

Is this trade worth it?

DJax had a unsustainable amount of 20+, 40+ yard catches and now has to compete with the emergence of Maclin, Kevin Kolb in the less explosive WCO and a running game that will be stronger than last years.

I also prefer Arian Foster to Fred Jackson. Love the idea of having both Ward and Wallace, a great mix of depth, stability and upside. Am I wrong in thinking that this is a good trade for me? Thanks guys.

Posted by: Jrc1087 on 19 Aug 2010

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by Jrc1087 :: Sun, 08/22/2010 - 11:32am

Here is my roster

QB Peyton Manning
WR Larry Fitzgerald
WR DeSean Jackson
WR Johnny Knox
RB Chris Johnson
RB Brandon Jacobs
TE Zach Miller
W/R/T Fred Jackson
Bench Matt Ryan
Bench Tim Hightower
Bench Donnie Avery
+ Others

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