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29 Sep 2010

Does this side favor 1 team heavily (collusion)/favor 1 team slightly (helping both teams)/even trade???

I'd like to get some opinions from fellow seasoned fantasy fball diehards on the following trade. Favors one team HEAVILY (collusion?), slightly favors one team (but helps both teams), or even?

P.Rivers, B.Jackson, J.Knox for S.Jackson

25 yds = 1 pt
TD = 6
INT = -2

10 yds = 1 pt
TD = 6
FUM LOST = -2 (applies to all positions that lose a fumble)

10 yds = 1 pt
TD = 6
RECEPTION = .5 (applies to RB also)

Team A
QB P.Rivers
RB A.Foster
RB M.Jones-Drew
WR R. Moss
WR T. Owens
TE D.Keller
FLEX C.Portis
FLEX M.Tolbert

K and DEF irrelevant to trade I assume

BN M.Vick
BN B.Jackson
BN J.Forsett
BN T. Jones
BN C.Ivory
BN L.Blount
BN J.Knox
BN S.Breaston
IR R.Grant (Yahoo undroppable)

Team B
QB B.Favre
RB S.Jackson
RB D.Williams
WR A.Boldin
WR M.Floyd
TE Z.Miller

BN C.Palmer
BN K.Kolb
BN K.Smith
BN S.Holmes
BN V.Jackson
BN L.Murphy
BN S.Smith (CAR)
BN H.Miller
BN J.Starks

Posted by: vchang926 on 29 Sep 2010

2 replies , Last at 30 Sep 2010, 1:14am by vchang926

by tally :: Thu, 09/30/2010 - 12:23am

Might want to edit Team A so Team B's players aren't on the roster.

Which side do you think is favored? I think it's a reasonable trade.

Team A is probably banking on riding Vick and not losing much at QB. He gets a gimpy SJax to back up a gimpy MJD. It sounds like he's losing out, but he's got a stronger team to begin with and looks like he's trying to bolster his RBs.

Team B is pretty weak to begin, so it's trading its already poor RB depth to upgrade at QB.

by vchang926 :: Thu, 09/30/2010 - 1:14am


Thanks for pointing that out. I went ahead and fixed it so that Team B players are not showing up on Team A list.

I think it's a pretty reasonable trade as well. Team A IS indeed banking on Vick not being a SIGNIFICANT drop off from Rivers. Thus has the luxury to trade Rivers to an ailing team desperately in need of a QB he can count on (since Favre is unreliable this yr as a QB1). But SJax is more than simply a back up to MJD, this league has 2 FLEX spots where you can start RB/WR/TE...clearly having SJax as 1 of your FLEX starters is a big upgrade from Tolbert (who's fantasy value will take a big loss once Matthews returns, possibly as early as this week). SJax is also more reliable than Portis as well, who will be played as a FLEX2 option rather than FLEX1.

There have been mixed feelings about this trade in our league. 2 owners have been very vocal about this being a lopsided trade, while the rest of the league seems to feel it either slightly favors 1 team (but helps both), or is a pretty damn even trade.

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