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24 Aug 2013

Dollars Allocated

I have a 12 team league with $200 budget. It should result in $2400 total allocated to players. Instead, I am getting $2938. In past years I have never gotten exactly $2400 in dollars allocated by Kubiak, but usually it was within $20 or so ($2380-$2420). Can anyone think of a reason for this?. I'll say in advance, I've got a "shallow league. We auction off 10 players per team, and snake draft the rest. Therefore, I eliminate all D and K. The bench is set for 3 players (1 QB, TE and Flex, 2 RB and WR). When I set it for 4 bench and eliminate the flex, I still get $2804 in dollars allocated. I am manually fixing this by decreasing all of the dollar values by 17.5% or so.

Posted by: autobus on 24 Aug 2013

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