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31 Jul 2013

Editing KUBIAK for 2 Flexes (WR/RB + WR/TE)

Hi all, second year using KUBIAK and love it...despite using it on a VERY non-standard league. My league has 8 starters: QB, RB, WR, TE, RB/WR Flex, WR/TE Flex, K, DEF as well as (a) different RuTD pts for QB (4 vs 6 for everyone else), (b) 1pt/10Yds RecYds for WR's ONLY and 1pt/15yds for everyone else.

I've taken care of the latter 2 issues by editing the Q (Rush) and W (Rec) columns (which I'd be more than happy to share, but unless requested, I'll spare everyone) but don't really know how to incorporate this second Flex.

Currently, on the Scoring tab I have:

    Application Settings:
    RB Baseline Method = 2
    Tight End Method = 1
    Waiver Adjustment = 3

    League Settings:
    1 RB/WR flex

But I'm afraid that this exposes my rankings to some unintended consequences. I'd love to make it a little more accurate representation and I'm decently exceliterate but was just curious if anybody had any suggestions on where to start, i.e. what macro's to edit, tabs/variables to look at, if its even worth it, etc...

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

Edit: Just noticed from the Baselines tab that through some sort of Truncation, it appears that using 1.5 in the WR and TE spots is being recognized as 2, so that's clearly not the answer...

Edit: I changed the Tight End Method to 2 and the starting WR to 3, seems to be the best option without editing the calcPosBaseline, which I don't appear to be able to edit anyways...

Posted by: wickerman on 31 Jul 2013

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