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01 Dec 2010

Fair or Unsportsmanlike collusion?

Alright, need some input on this one.. Me and a buddy are in the same league. First and foremost, i am already clinch for a playoff spot. I only know My friend and his father in the whole league. My friend has a .500 team and is one of only 2 people possible for the last playoff position. This is the actual trade and it went down LAST week, Hillis/M. Wallace (which were the top 2 point earner on his team) for Green-Eilis/Breaston/M Cassel with the Hillis/Wallace protion going to my friend's team.. The person he traded with (as is most of the league) is a co-worker and managed his team to a 2-9 record at the time of the trade.
As you see, there was a QB in the trade. The QB he already had was Cutler, with Kitna avalible on waivers. My question is was this a fair trade with all circumstances involved.. Please keep in mind this trade happend last week and so enraged me, I forfieted my 1st place team and the $60 entry fee. Yeah crybaby move, but i felt so infuriated i couldnt see staight... Oh and I may also be worth mentioning that these two teams played each other the week prior and the 2-9 team somehow forgot to start a defense that week..

Posted by: Mookie on 01 Dec 2010

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