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09 Nov 2010

Fantasy teams tanking

What do you guys do in your leagues about teams that are tanking? In my league ($125 to get in), people are clearly tanking their teams, and the commissioner doesn't feel it's his job to make sure this doesn't happen. I've suggested that he start people on their teams that are projected to score the most points, but acknowledged that this does nothing for the games that have already been played.

He says they have rejected trade offers he's sent them, which is something I can't verify myself. It also doesn't really prove anything to me, and maybe even lends credence to the thought that they don't care about their teams anymore. However, lots of other people feel the same way as the commissioner.

It would be easy if these guys were all living in the same city, and you could talk some sense to them in person, but we are geographically dispersed (I am in Alaska, some are in Europe and Asia).

Posted by: socctty on 09 Nov 2010

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Re: Fantasy teams tanking
by Fontes of Wayne :: Wed, 11/24/2010 - 5:53pm

Certainly, the commissioner should be doing what he can to keep up interest in the league, but it's not solely his job, and it isn't up to him to set other teams' lineups for them. If someone paid $125 to start injured, benched, or otherwise unproductive players, that's their prerogative. The commissioner's job isn't to make sure an owner doesn't tank, it's his job to make sure an owner doesn't tank by dropping his entire team, or trading Brees, McFadden, and Moss for Alex Smith, Jonathan Stewart, and Mike Sims-Walker (as happened in one of my leagues this season).
It does suck to play with dead teams. It sucks to watch a team you're racing for playoff position get a matchup against a team starting Addai, Gates, and Kolb. But the tanked team has essentially donated money to the pot, and thus improved your chances of getting some of that. Basically, I think it's something you just have to put up with the rest of the season, and deal with before next season, either by removing those owners, becoming commissioner, or finding a new league.

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