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01 Sep 2010

Feedback on My Draft

10 team not PPR, 4 pts passing TDs
Qb, 2RB, 2WR, WR/RB, TE, D, K

I picked 8th overall and felt a bit uncomfortable in the early going.

1. (8) Randy Moss
2. (13) DeAngelo Williams
3. (28) Roddy White
4. (33) Jahvid Best
5. (48) Matt Forte
6. (53) Joe Flacco
7. (68) Jason Witten
8. (73) Kevin Kolb
9. (88) Vincent Jackson
10. (93) Baltimore
11. (108) Carnell Williams
12. (113) Bernard Berrian
13. (128) Donald Brown
14. (133) Mason Crosby

I felt like I got robbed a couple times where the guy right ahead picked someone I really wanted and perhaps I rushed the pick. I really need VJAX to get traded or come back to SD, in which case I'll be set at the flex after week 3. I'm a Baltimore fan, hence the Flacco and D picks. I liked Jahvid Best in college, but it remains to be seen whether he and Forte can be a serviceable RB2 or flex.

That being said, I do know it's ok going into the season with a weaker RB2 or flex position, because I'm a fairly active manager and can pick up a starting RB if there is an injury later on. Last year I rode CJ, Andre Johnson, and Marques Colston deep into the playoffs with a motley flex/RB2.

Posted by: BIGWONGDADDY on 01 Sep 2010

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Re: Feedback on My Draft
by filterxg :: Fri, 09/03/2010 - 9:54pm

The more I see of Forte the more I think he'll do alright. In any case you got value for him in rd 5. Best is a bigger gamble....still should (at least) be a serviceable flex. If VJacks gets traded I think you'll have 3 receivers worth starting....giving you the ability to juggle good players when the bye weeks start kicking in. Overall I like your draft.

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