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10 Sep 2010

First TIme Fantasy Player - Help!

Hey guys,

This is my first year playing fantasy and the first time I am trying to set my roster. I could really use some expert help in who I should start. I like all my matchups this week so it is a little tricky.

I only need help with the WRs and RBs. Our league scores 1 pt/20yds, 6pts TD, and no PPR or anything else.

WRs - I need to start three of the 5 below:
Steve Smith (NYG) - Playing against Carolina
Hines Ward - Playing against Atl
Knox - Playing against the lions
Maclin - Playing against GB
Breaston - Playing against StL

Which three would you start??

RBs - I need to start 2 of the 3 below:
Mendenhall - Playing against Atl
Forte - Playing against the lions
Ronnie Brown - Playing against Buf

Which two would you start??

Any help you can give is appreciated!!

Posted by: kjo1080 on 10 Sep 2010

2 replies , Last at 10 Sep 2010, 2:15pm by Dan

Re: First TIme Fantasy Player - Help!
by alien1rock :: Fri, 09/10/2010 - 10:45am

Smith, Ward, Knox
Mendenhall, Brown

For the WRs, you drafted those 3 before the other two (I'm assuming) because they are better. Nothing has changed since then, so use them.

For the RBs, Mendenhall is your horse, so you start him. Forte v Brown is the only tough decision you have, and I'd go with Brown v Buffalo on matchup. They should run all over the Bills, just like last year.

Re: First TIme Fantasy Player - Help!
by Dan :: Fri, 09/10/2010 - 2:15pm

I'd lean towards Forte over Brown, in part because of the matchup vs. the Lions (who the Bears ran all over last year). Other than that I agree with all of this.

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