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15 Sep 2010

Flex and def questions

In a 10 team PPR league. Trying to decide who to start at flex and whether to pick up a defense off waivers. Scoring is PPR, 1pt for 10 yards rush/rec, 25 yards pass, all TDs 6pts. Must play 1qb,2rb,2wr,1flex,1te,1k,1def. Defenive scoring is pretty standard except 12 pts for a shutout, 7 for up to 7, 4 for 8-14, 1 for 15-21, 0 for 22-28, -1 for 29-35, etc.

QBs Flacco, Ryan, Cassel
RBs Mendenhall, Forte, Bradshaw, Grant (IR), Brandon Jackson, Fred Taylor, Michael Bush
WRs Roddy White, Jennings, Aromashodu, Mason
K Succop
DEFs SF (NO), Chi(@Dal)

19 defenses are available on the wire, including Atl, ne, car, Indy, nyg, Mia, kc, oak.

Posted by: VaingloriousBasterd on 15 Sep 2010

4 replies , Last at 16 Sep 2010, 1:13pm by Arkaein

Re: Flex and def questions
by tally :: Wed, 09/15/2010 - 3:51pm

I like NE's matchup vs. Jets. NYG is worthwhile in future weeks.

I'd flex Bradshaw.

Re: Flex and def questions
by Zheng :: Wed, 09/15/2010 - 4:47pm

I'd flex BJax, actually. Only guy at the position, soft BUF run D, Green Bay sure to be up by 30 touchdowns by the half and run the clock from there.

NE vs. Jets is good. NE does have secondary issues, but it's Sanchez.

Re: Flex and def questions
by tally :: Wed, 09/15/2010 - 5:51pm

I wonder if GB will throw more b/c they are unsure of BJax. Meanwhile, Indy's performance against Houston and the absence of Bob Sanders leads me to think that Bradshaw could have a very nice day.

I think both are good Flex plays, though.

Re: Flex and def questions
by Arkaein :: Thu, 09/16/2010 - 1:13pm

I wouldn't worry too much about GB throwing more, as BJack is a better receiver than Grant and could contribute well there. I also don't think that they will get too far away from the run, especially if they build a sizeable lead as expected.

The real worry is that GB likes to use Kuhn on inside handoffs and flat patterns near the goal line, as well as throwing a lot of quick hitches to WRs and jump balls to Finley. It's hard to rack up a lot of rushing TDs in GBs offense.

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