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01 Feb 2010

FO Survey Supplemental Questions

Much as I love the annual FO reader survey, there's so much that it misses out! So here are some supplementary questions to keep us occupied during the Big Wait. What categories would you add?

1: Worst unit in the NFL
a) Steelers kickoff coverage
b) Niners offensive line
c) Jaguars secondary
d) Rams

2: Best NFL player name
a) LaRod Stephens-Howling
b) Leger Douzable
c) CJ Ah You
d) Stylez G White

3: Surprisingly competent quarterbacking
a) Bruce Gradkowski
b) Kyle Orton
c) Vince Young
d) Brady Quinn

4:Worst game of 2009
a) Browns-Bills
b) Lions-Redskins
c) Jets-Panthers
d) All Thanksgiving games

5: 2009 NFL game you'd like to have watched with FO writer
a) Pats-Titans with Aaron Schatz
b) Pats-Titans with Tom Gower
c) Bears-Steelers with Mike Kurtz
d) Eagles-Raiders with Mike Tanier

6: Predict which cupcake will remain in the doldrums for longest
a) Browns
b) Buccaneers
c) Chiefs
d) Lions
e) Raiders
f) Rams

7: Best look/accessory
a) Tracy Porter's pacman haircut
b) Bill Belichick's bobble hat
c) Mike Tomlin's shades
d) Zygi Wilf's mustache

8: Unfortunate FO Almanac prediction that you bought into:
a) Broncos' collapse
b) Rams at .500
c) Jay Cutler to lead dynamic Bears' offense
d) Lions can't get any worse

9: Individual who caused you to swear at TV most frequently during season
a) Dunta Robinson
b) Dan Snyder
c) Dan Dierdorf
d) Jimmy Football

10: Favorite NFL alternative spelling of Dominic
a) Foxworth, Ravens
b) Rogers-Cromartie, Cardinals
c) Williams, ex-Texans
d) Hixon, Giants

Posted by: ammek on 01 Feb 2010

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