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30 Sep 2010

Forte, Mendenhall, or Wells?

A classic case of talent vs. matchup. Am I better off starting a good running back against a bad defense or a back who is a glorified slot receiver against a team with a very shaky run defense?

For reference my available plays are Arian Foster vs. Oakland, Matt Forte vs. New York Giants, Rashard Mendenhall vs. Baltimore, Beanie Wells vs. San Diego. Pretty sure I'm sitting Wells and starting Foster and I'm going three-wide since I have Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson and Roddy White (auction leagues rule).

Posted by: compucrazy on 30 Sep 2010

3 replies , Last at 01 Oct 2010, 12:47pm by DrG

Re: Forte, Mendenhall, or Wells?
by tally :: Thu, 09/30/2010 - 1:12pm

I like Foster and Forte.

Wells doesn't get as many touches. Mendenhall is going against a good D, although that D gave up a bunch to Hillis last week.

If this is PPR, I think that pushes Forte to the front for sure.

Re: Forte, Mendenhall, or Wells?
by Zheng :: Thu, 09/30/2010 - 6:18pm

I, too, like Foster and Forte. I also like Mendenhall, since Baltimore isn't stuffing the run this season like they used to. I'd play him over Andre, who is hurt and gets a trip to Nnamdi Island this week.

Re: Forte, Mendenhall, or Wells?
by DrG :: Fri, 10/01/2010 - 12:47pm

Your decision to me, comes down to Andre Johnson's health vs. Wells. If AJ is going, I'd sit Wells.

And I'm doing much the same as you are, am starting RMoss, CJohnson, HNicks w Gore and Forte as my main backs. I'm startng Wells over Hightower and Brandon Jackson, I think, but am debating starting Mario Manningham over Wells. MM has 4/75 in each of his last 4 games.

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