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30 Aug 2012

FPOB per Avg. Auction Cost

I am trying to find some of the best values toward the end of the draft that you can pick up for $1 or so. I wondered if there is a way to pull in the data that has an Auction avg. draft cost for each player. Sort of like they have ADP for snake positions. If you can get that data, I figure you could also break down the FPOB per dollar value. I believe these 2 columns would be helpful in an auction draft by making it easy to sort for some bargin fliers that KUBIAK has + outlook on. I would rather not manually take the time to add all the data myself for 500+ names. I apologize for my ignorance if there is already a formula in the worksheet that does this type of thing. Thanks for your help.

Posted by: dins95 on 30 Aug 2012

2 replies , Last at 31 Aug 2012, 2:50pm by alien1rock

Re: FPOB per Avg. Auction Cost
by dins95 :: Fri, 08/31/2012 - 1:20pm

I was able to pull in the data (names/avg. auction cost) to another sheet ( call it "auction") on Kubiak. I just cant write the if formula to search the "auction" sheet for the player name in column A and return the value of avg. auction cost in the row & column that matches that name. Can anyone help with this?

Re: FPOB per Avg. Auction Cost
by alien1rock :: Fri, 08/31/2012 - 2:50pm

The excel formula you're looking for is 'vlookup'. Assuming the player names on both tabs are the same, that formula will be able to look through the list and find the right value. Google should be able to explain vlookup very quickly.

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