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29 Sep 2009

Garcon for Welker?

I’m in a league that starts 3 wr’s and my top 4 are Randy Moss, Santonio Holmes, Vincent Jackson and Pierre Garcon. The trade I’ve been offered is Welker and either Bobby Wade (KC) or Jacoby Jones (Hou) for Garcon.

I would have pulled the trigger in a second, with Gonzalez presumably coming back soon and Welker as well, but then realized that NE and Pit both have byes in week 8 which would leave me scrounging over the flotsam for 2 wr’s that week. Oh, I had cribbs as my #5 wr, but dropped him in favor of the Buff Def to get the matchup vs clev in week 5 when my Chi Def has a bye. So I will be able to troll the waiver wire in advance of week 8.

Posted by: krugerindustrialsmoothing on 29 Sep 2009

2 replies , Last at 30 Sep 2009, 12:39am by Red Hedgehog

Do it.
by Snowglare :: Tue, 09/29/2009 - 4:55pm

The only reason not to make that trade is that it's too lopsided in your favor. If Week 8 is that big a concern, you could try trading a healthy Welker or another of your bye week trio for a similar WR. Shouldn't be hard to get one better than Garcon.

Re: Garcon for Welker?
by Red Hedgehog :: Wed, 09/30/2009 - 12:39am

You should do that trade in a hot second. You would then have four elite wide receivers. At worst, re-trade Welker for a decent bye week fill-in at WR and upgrade at another position.

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