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01 Oct 2011

Gates owner... who to drop for week 4 TE

I am in a 10 team league with pretty typical scoring, no PPR. I drafted Antonio Gates and need to plug in another TE for this week, but am unsure of who to drop. Here's my roster:

QB Ben Roethlisberger
WR Roddy White
WR Santana Moss
WR A.J. Green
RB Rashard Mendenhall
RB Ryan Mathews
TE Antonio Gates
BN Reggie Wayne
BN Cedric Benson
BN Shonn Greene
BN Daniel Thomas
BN Joe Flacco
K Adam Vinatieri
DEF Tennessee

I am leaning towards dropping Benson assuming he gets suspended for the next few weeks, but would really prefer to give my bench some more time to get going this year. I would have tried to engineer a trade that included a TE or cleared some bench space if I had been more on the ball early in the week, but it's too late now.

Any suggestions on who to drop that wont have me kicking myself in a few weeks?

Posted by: Ten Drink Drunk on 01 Oct 2011

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