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20 Sep 2011

Greene/Moss/Wayne in 3 WR PPR league


I play in a pretty crazy 12-team league with 3 WR, flex, 1 QB/Flex (so essentially 2 QBs), 1 PPR. I have Andre Johnson and Hillis starting, and will probably start McFadden (NYJ) and Welker (@BUF) despite not great matchups. So I have one WR and one flex left for Shonn Greene (@OAK), Santana Moss (ARI), and Reggie Wayne (PIT). My gut is to start Moss and Shonn Greene and leave Wayne on the bench based on matchups, but Greene has not exactly lit it up this year. Thoughts?

Posted by: Nickorton86 on 20 Sep 2011

1 reply , Last at 23 Sep 2011, 7:23pm by fantasy1123

Re: Greene/Moss/Wayne in 3 WR PPR league
by fantasy1123 :: Fri, 09/23/2011 - 7:23pm

Agreed. Definitely S Moss. He's actually playing Dallas this week and has a history of lighting them up. Plus the Dallas secondary is a mess. I'm not a fan of Greene but I think he would be a better play this week with Colts facing Pit D. Best of luck!

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