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23 Dec 2009

The Hall of Fame

I am a big fan of FO and PFR and the intelligent football analysis both their writers and readers post.

However, I think it is actually innapropriate to take the same approach to Hall of Fame discussions.

The clue is in the name - it's the Hall of FAME. Not the Hall of Good Numbers or Pro Bowl Selections or the Hall of Helping One's Team The Most.

Fame is subjective, by its definition. Unlike trying to decide which team is better in any given season, all people have an equal say in how famous someone is. No-one has an incorrect opinion about who should or should not be in the hall of fame. And I hear that a lot here - "it's ridiculous most people think x is a HoF-er". THAT statement is ridiculous.

Posted by: Omroth on 23 Dec 2009

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