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14 Dec 2009

Help me be a champion - week 15

The playoffs start week 15 in my league. Standard Yahoo scoring, no PPR.

Here's what my team looks like:

QB: Aaron Rodgers, Vince Young

Rodgers has gotten me this far and I see no reason to bench him, barring injury of course.

WR: V Jax, Reggie Wayne, Miles Austin, Derrick Mason and Recently added Steve Breaston.

Things are less clear cut here. Last I heard, Indy will continue to play it's 'healthy' starters, but Wayne has had a lingering foot injury so I don't know if I can start him with confidence, but it's always hard to bench your best guys. Although he has been shut down lately.

RB: AP, Thomas Jones, Moreno, Beanie Wells

I'm tempted to continue to roll with AP and TJ, but Wells has some good matchups. I'm always hesitant to start a guy in a time share though.

TE: Witten
K: Bironas
Def: Denver

Pretty straight forward here unless there are any potential waiver wire gems that might be out there.

FBO's advice has been good so far and I'd like to hear any advice or input for week 15 and/or 16. Thanks.

Posted by: Ten Drink Drunk on 14 Dec 2009

2 replies , Last at 17 Dec 2009, 3:21am by Tesla

Re: Help me be a champion - week 15
by drobviousso :: Wed, 12/16/2009 - 4:10pm

I would (and am) avoiding Wayne. V Jax hasn't been as productively lately (I have him too) and I think it's because he's getting doubled regularly. Cincy has the best 1/2 corners in the league, and I don't expect this to be his break out week.

That leaves you with Austin in a good match up w/ NO (Note the Saturday start) and Mason or Breaston. I don't know how productive Breaston has been this year, but I think Mason has been at least pretty constant from week to week.

I would expect erratic behavior from late season Cards based on last year, so I'd go with TJ.

Re: Help me be a champion - week 15
by Tesla :: Thu, 12/17/2009 - 3:21am

I'd only start Breaston if Fitzgerald is out, otherwise he just doesn't consistently get enough targets.

I couldn't pass up Moreno vs. Oakland in week 15, especially with Buckhalter possibly out. I might bench Jones for him, especially since he faces Atlanta who is 10th in DVOA vs. the run, compared to Oakland's 30th.

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