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28 Jun 2012

Help me understand baselines.

I have a 12 team league with two starting RBs per week. Ray Rice was the highest-ranked RB in my league last year with 377 fantasy points. The 24th-highest was Roy Helu, with 163 (giving Ray Rice 377 - 163 = 214 dynamic fantasy points). But why are we comparing Ray Rice with the lowest starting RB; shouldn't we be comparing him with the lowest starting RB in slot RB1? (Assume your team's higher scoring RB occupies slot RB1 and your team's second-highest starting RB occupies slot RB2.) If the baseline becomes the lowest-scoring RB in slot RB1 (Matt Forte: 219 fantasy points), then Ray Rice's dynamic fantasy points decrease to 377 - 219 = 158, which makes him lower than Rob Gronkowski (168 dynamic fantasy points). Basically my question is why does a player become more valuable the more open slots you have for that position?

I'm just trying to wrap my head around the fact that (at least in my league) Gronk wasn't even in the top five of most valuable players last year.

Posted by: MisterSnrub on 28 Jun 2012

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Re: Help me understand baselines.
by jayhawkco :: Thu, 07/05/2012 - 1:49pm

Because you have to start more guys at RB. Put it this way, at RB, you can start the overall #1 and #2 or you could start overall #23 and #24. At TE you could start #1 or #12. What's worse? The second combo of RBs? Or the #12 TE?

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