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12 Sep 2011

Help: MJD for Vick?

Std scoring, 10 Team. I'm relatively stacked at RB: Mendenhall, MJD, Blount + 3 solid but not great RBs (Starks, Matthews, Hightower). Weak at receiver. QBs Big Ben & Eli. Big run on receivers in my draft this year, so I kept grabbing the good RBs that fell to me figuring I could pull a trade eventually for a better WR.

Meanwhile, I was offered Vick+ choice of J Harrison/ M Bush + a choice of worthless RBs for MJD+Starks +Eli. I would do MJD for Vick straight up at this point given how strong my other RBs are. MJD+Starks feels steep given my gut that Starks ends up being pretty valuable this year. Yet, I've got plenty of RB options so trading up from Starks to help land Vick gets those points from my bench to starting lineup. Pull the trigger? Thx!

Posted by: Carlos on 12 Sep 2011

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