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02 Sep 2013

Help to pick flex

Help! 10 team standard league - not feeling good about my flex spot.
Here's what I have:

QB: A. Rodgers
WR: Megatron
WR: V-Jackson
RB: J. Charles
RB: S-Jax
WR/RB: Montee Ball / Amendola / Nicks / M. Ingram / Tavon Austin
TE: Gronk (+Gresham)

Who's my best Flex option here? Should I look for a trade?
Best undrafted options are prob. LeShoure for RB and Britt / Golden Tate / Hartline / Kerley / Thompkins-type players for WR.

Posted by: Malene_copenhagen on 02 Sep 2013

2 replies , Last at 03 Sep 2013, 3:33pm by mrt1212

Re: Help to pick flex
by Sifter :: Mon, 09/02/2013 - 10:06pm

I would try Nicks at the flex. Ball could be the best in coming weeks, but right now no one knows how much he's going to play. Your first 5 players there are pretty strong, and you could probably play matchups with Ball, Amendola and Nicks and just pick the best one every week for your flex.
Only trade I'd suggest might be try and move Austin for another backup RB. Ball and Ingram aren't guaranteed much - could be good, could be bad depending on how their committee's work out. WR looks stronger than RB on your waiver wire too, another reason to try to grab another RB.

Re: Help to pick flex
by mrt1212 :: Tue, 09/03/2013 - 3:33pm

Nicks to me is the clear week 1 start against dallas of the group. He might not be the best option week to week but certainly if he stays healthy, he will be a fine flex WR.

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