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22 Sep 2009

Help!!! Rice/Marshall for Slaton?

Should I trade Ray Rice and Brandon Marshall for Steve Slaton? This is a 1ppr league. Kubiak really likes slaton this season, and isn't as high on ray rice as the general public seems to be (even though it's becoming clearer that mcgahee is stealing his tds, and some carries as well)...same with Marshall, who Kubiak isnt very high on at all, but might not be good trade bait much longer...so, should i propose Rice and Marshall for Slaton? could the owner of slaton possibly bite?

Posted by: dukesb1 on 22 Sep 2009

1 reply , Last at 22 Sep 2009, 8:44pm by Maximum

Re: Help!!! Rice/Marshall for Slaton?
by Maximum :: Tue, 09/22/2009 - 8:44pm

The way slatons playing it can't hurt to ask that being said he played two tough run ds and should be ok but realize he's not gonna be what kubiak thinks Imo

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