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03 Sep 2009

high-upside, late round RBs

socctty's comments on norwood in the "what have i done" thread got me thinking even more about my favorite topic: value from non-starting RBs. i'm in an 8-team league with .5 PPR, and a 12-team league with no PPR, and there are a few non-starters that i'm really high on. i'd love people's thoughts on how / when to target them.

i like sproles and mccoy a whole lot, because they're explosive, and because LT and westbrook are somewhat fragile. sproles's ADP is around 95th overall (rounds 12 and 8, in the two formats), and mccoy's is 90th and 83rd (12th and 7th).

in the 8-team league i pick 6th, meaning i have picks 6, 11, 22, 27, 38, 43, 54, 59, 70 and 75. i wonder if 70 (round 9) is too late for him; it sholdn't be, based on the ADP, but that's obviously just an average. also, targeting them there means i can go for top-flight WRs and maybe a top QB earlier.

thoughts on these two guys, both how much they're worth, and how to get them?


Posted by: schedule1 on 03 Sep 2009

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