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24 Aug 2012

How to use Print Page

I am not sure what the best way to go about using this page is. I am currently using it to plan out my pick order (basically just a notes page), but I don't see any easy way to put the full players data in the rest of the cells. Am I missing some function to put the data into those cells? If not, why are they pre-labelled?

Posted by: frvwfr2 on 24 Aug 2012

3 replies , Last at 31 Aug 2012, 11:32am by Ten Drink Drunk

Re: How to use Print Page
by Zac :: Fri, 08/24/2012 - 11:49am

The Print Page is there so that you can click the Print My Kubiak button on the Scoring tab and then it will copy data from the KUBIAK Projections tab into there. It's made to show the important data in a printable format.

Re: How to use Print Page
by johnmansour :: Fri, 08/31/2012 - 11:14am

Does anyone know if you can adjust the columns that show up in the print page? It gives me the ESPN ranking and delta, whereas my next draft is via Yahoo and I'd like to have that listed instead.

Re: How to use Print Page
by Ten Drink Drunk :: Fri, 08/31/2012 - 11:32am

I was playing around with this and you can copy and paste columns from the projections page. Just make sure the sort order is the same on both pages before you copy/paste.

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