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17 Aug 2010

IDPs, WR/TE instead of RB/WR, and 6 pts/Passing TD... HELP!

Anyone who cares to, please take a look at this non-standard ESPN league I joined and offer some drafting strategy advice.

8 teams

Bench x7

Passing: 1/25yards, 6/TD, -1/INT, 1/2 pt conversion
Rushing/Receiving: 1/10yards, 6/TD, 1/2 pt conversion
Misc: 6/other TDs, -1/Fumble
DP: 3/Sack, 1/tackle, 6/return TD, 2/INT, 1/force fumble, 3/safety
D/ST: weird settings so that all teams get about the same (~37-35 for top 10-15), I will be drafting mine late
K: standard settings, I will be drafting mine in last round

With 6/Passing TD, QBs are worth more. Add to that only starting 2 RBs, and probably starting 3 WRs, I am very confused.

The DPs I may reach for because the scoring leads to a large gap between Patrick Willis and the 10th DP on the board. Plus I have to start two.

I am thinking that a QB/WR isn't a terrible choice in the first round because of the loads of RBs that are going to be out there and spread in QB points due to increased emphasis on TDs... and of course the need to start 3 WRs instead of 3 RBs. Thoughts?

Oh and guys like Adrian Peterson and Jay Culter don't look as bad with only -1 for fumbles and INTs. Strange! Thanks for your time.

Posted by: bstanley52 on 17 Aug 2010

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