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08 Oct 2009

I'm Sorry Braylon Edwards Owners, He Still Will Suck This Year

I think this trade is the exact same trade as the White Sox getting Alex Rios this year. Both teams are getting a fairly young player that has big time experience; however neither is very good and teams want them solely on one outlier good season.
I don't think Braylon Edwards is very good, and I don't think he really boosts the Jets offense.

Edwards had a fantastic season in 2007 when he caught 80 passes for over 1275 yards and 16 TDs. But what has he done since? We've all heard the ESPN stats how he leads the league in drops. His Y/R has gone down this '07 along with his receptions. In fact, in four full seasons, Edwards has only gone over 900 yards once- in '07. To me Edwards is having the Roy E. Williams effect. Williams had one amazing season in Detroit. Then he gets traded to Dallas and is expected to be a superstar, only to be a dud

So let's analyze Edwards and see what we can find.

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Posted by: kaptrap19 on 08 Oct 2009

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