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20 Sep 2011

Intriguing Trade: Austin for Foster

Have an intriguing trade offer. I own Miles Austin, and am relatively strong at WR (Steve Johnson and Greg Jennings, with a decent looking backup in A.J. green), but am thin at RB. The guy in our league who has Arian Foster is thin at RB and is talking to me about a straight-up trade--Foster for Austin.

It's an injury risk for both of us...both players are currently injured and at less-than full effectiveness. Austin looks really good right now, and is expected to be out only a couple of weeks...but Romo is maybe out for longer. So it seems like a good time to "sell high" on Austin. Foster hasn't done much, but can (somewhat) play right now, and maybe is a more stable option long term.

But it is kind of gutsy. Wondering about other folks' thoughts...

Posted by: MJK on 20 Sep 2011

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