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18 Sep 2009

James Davis for Chaz Schillens

The Gonzalez injury hit me pretty hard, and I have little WR depth. I'm currently playing Hixon in Gonzo's spot, with no backups beyond him. (Instead of WW, we have a couple separate add/drop process that goes last-first three times, but the first isn't until right before week 5, so pickups aren't an option yet.)

We start 3 RB, 1 RB/WR, 4 WR, and 1 WR/TE. I have MJD, Slaton, Rice, L Washington, Cadillac, James Davis, and Bernard Scott at RB. I have V Jackson, TJ Housh, Gonzo, Hester, and Hixon at WR. I'm filling the WR/TE slot with Winslow.

I can trade James Davis for Chaz Schillens. This is an auction-keeper league (5 players, salaries increase by $3/yr), so there are implications with the potential future roles of each (both at $1 this year). Barring something happening, my first four are pretty set with Brady, MJD, Slaton, and V Jackson; so it's likely neither would be kept - though if Davis plays like he did in the preseason, that could change.

Sorry for the length, but in a nutshell, would you trade away Davis to get Schillens. Obviously no help for this week, but more for the rest of the season.

Posted by: Marcumzilla on 18 Sep 2009

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