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05 Aug 2010

Keep Manning or Gore

Hi folks,

I have to decide between keeping P.Manning and F.Gore

Prior to buying Kubiak I was pretty convinced to go with Gore, but now I have second thoughts. Not only is Manning a top 10 Pick for our draft scoring format but Gore has dropped to 27.

Any ideas why there is such a different outlook between FO and common wisdom, and which way would you lean?

Strategiy wise , I am prettty much sunk this season, and next year I can keep neither player, so short time upside is probably the most important question.

Posted by: Kulko on 05 Aug 2010

1 reply , Last at 05 Aug 2010, 12:03pm by Crushinator

Re: Keep Manning or Gore
by Crushinator :: Thu, 08/05/2010 - 12:03pm

Gotta be Gore.

KUBIAK doesn't like Gore because the Niners don't run the ball a ton (largely because they've been uncompetitive) and they expect Gore's TDs to be so so with a mediocre receiving projection. Mannings very safe, but if you let Manning go, you can probably get another very good QB without much of a drop off, while with Gore you might be looking at a very bad dropoff.

Gore has a lot of things to like this season - more traditional offense, better D, new Linemen, development of Crabtree, likely more commitment to the run, every down back. I'm not sold on Alex Smith, but I'm more sold on Gore than KUBIAK is.

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