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30 Aug 2011

Keeper Value/Draft Question

I can keep one of the following and forfeit the round in ()

Charles (2)
Dez Bryant (14)
Felix Jones (14)

12 team league with 2 RB and 3 WR starting, non PPR.

I draft #4 overall and Peterson, C. Johnson, and Ray Rice will be available (Foster proteced). Obviously if I let Charles go then he is available.

Do I let Charles go and keep Bryant and run he risk that at #4 Peterson, Rice, and Charles are gone leaving me staring at C. Johnson but I still have my second round pick? I am not sold on McCoy, and am hesitant to grab a WR. The only other option is Rodgers, but I am normally draft QB's much much later.

Or do I keep Charles and know I have a projected top 3 backs?

Historically I would no doubt keep Dez Bryant based on value alone (only lose a 14th round pick), but since I've not had much luck the last 2-3 years I'm open for advice.


Posted by: lt5686sb on 30 Aug 2011

2 replies , Last at 05 Sep 2011, 2:56am by Sahib

Re: Keeper Value/Draft Question
by jabrch :: Wed, 08/31/2011 - 12:27am

Definitely keep Felix Jones for a 14th round pick.

In the second round, you can get a pretty darn good RB. In the 14th, you can't get anything.

And how do you project Charles to a Top 3 back?

Re: Keeper Value/Draft Question
by Sahib (not verified) :: Mon, 09/05/2011 - 2:56am

I agree with jabrch, keep Felix Jones for the 14th round pick. AT WORST you will pick up Ray Rice at the #4 slot in the 1st round. But jabrch, in many, many sites, Charles is listed at #3, at worse #5.

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